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Massage Treatments


Due to the hectic 21st century lifestyle that we live in, every once in a while , our bodies are in need of a well deserved boost. Our Energy Boost Treatment is a very popular treatment, using essential oils that rejuvenate the body, this treatment will give you massive lift and you will leave the clinic feeling more than ready to to take on any challenge. This is a great treatment to have after a busy week at the office or if you feel fatigued and lethargic. If you know you have a busy period coming up, such as deadline at work or the kids at home taking a lot of energy then we recommend our triple energy boost package.


This is a six hour treatment package and is designed to bring relaxation to both body and mind. Using essential oils that promote relaxation, good sleep, increased energy, reduce stress, pain relief, anxiety and depression, our holistic package will over the six month period, improve your immune system, increase your feel good hormones and neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin and also boost your metabolism. We recommend this package to everyone that has a stressful lifestyle with multiple responsibilities such as parents, businessmen/women, teachers and sportsmen/women.


This package is recommend to be used over the course of 12 months, with one treatment per month ideally 3-4 weeks apart. This package is a combination of the energy boost treatments and holistic package, it is designed to bring the body and mind into harmony over a longer period of time and by using essential oils that will improve your breathing, blood circulation, improve your focus and concentration, help to decrease inflammation and speed up the healing process in regards to chronic muscular pain, the multiple benefits of this package will be seen and felt after the first treatment. This package comes with the added benefits of a one hour nutrition consultation and a one hour personal training and health analysis consultation. This package is suitable for everyone as it incorporates all the essential needs that we need to have to maintain a healthy and positive lifestyle, increase performance at work, home and in sports and be injury, pain and stress free.


Depending on your need, we will use the appropriate massage technique that will best take care of you (Swedish Massage, Sports Massage and Rehab Massage), always remember that during the massage you can guide the masseur by letting us know if you require more or less pressure or if there is a particular spot or part of the body that you wish us to focus on more.

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