Nutrition Advice

One of the biggest health issues today is our lack of discipline in regards to our nutrition. Therefore, having healthy and well balanced meals and meal planning are one of the keys to maintaining and increasing your energy levels and living a healthy lifestyle. In our experience, the best route to success is to have a nutritional program that is simple, easy to follow and structured to ones lifestyle. Our nutrition program consists of 3 hours, the first hour is a private meeting at our clinic where we go through your nutrition, nutritional habits, discuss any issues you may be having, such as allergies or intolerance to certain foods etcetc, after this meeting you will then be requested to send to your nutrition advisor by email a nutrition schedule of what you eat and drink for three days. The second hour is spent through your nutrition advisor evaluating your schedule and making adjustments ( you may get a call from your advisor if more clarification is needed on some points in your schedule) and the last hour is another scheduled meeting at the clinic with your advisor who go through with you the additions and adjustments that have been made to your schedule.

there is also a further option to top up your nutrition program with 2 hours of personal training. The first hour will consist of a private meeting with your personal trainer, where you will discuss your needs and goals, during this meeting some health tests will be taken such as blood pressure, body fat and measurements of the body. Your personal trainer will then design a training program that suits your needs and your second hour will be another scheduled meeting will your personal trainer will go through your training program with you and answer any questions you may have.

Option 1:
Nutrition Program 3 hours

Option 2:
Nutrition Program 3hrs and 2hrs Personal Training ( 5 hours total )

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