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Personal Training

Due to my extensive professional career and high academic qualifications which has been gathered over the last 30 years, I have gained an enormous amount of international experience and knowledge which has enabled me to amass massive amounts of EREUNA which in turn has given me the ability to increase my NOUS on a daily basis. So when it comes to delivering guaranteed results for my clients, in the areas of sport, health, fitness, personal and professional development, you can be sure that you are in the best hands.

Briefly about David Samuiywa
Since the start of Davids fitness career in 1989, David Samuyiwa has accumulated over 100,000 hours of working experience in the sport, health and fitness industry. He has succeeded in been a sports performance coach, personal trainer in health and fitness, mentoring and lecturing 1000 of clients, a mental coach, team coach, masseur and nutrition counselor. His career has taken him through the UK, Scandinavia, China, Spain, the Balkans, India, Dubai, the Canary Islands, Australia, etc. Through his career he has up till now educated over 7000 PTs around the world.

Also having a competitive international athletic background in 60,100 and 200m sprinting, David Samuyiwa, had the honour of representing both the district and regional teams of England as well as competing for the Canary Islands. His international athletic career allowed him to gain great experience from training with and competing against Olympic, World and European gold medal winning athletes and also having the honour of been trained by some of the best coaches in the world during his career.

David Samuyiwa is considered to be one of the absolute best in the sport, health and fitness industry. He has a very high level of academic qualifications having succeeded in gaining a Bachelor Of Arts Degree in Social Science and a Masters Degree in Education, Teacher Development and Leadership from one of the top universities in the UK. His qualifications and skills along with his vast experience, has enabled 1000s of people to achieve their goals in life.